I excel at helping brands to define who they are, their values and their audience and translating this into an engaging, beautiful brand story told across online marketing platforms like Instagram, Facebook, websites and email newsletters.

My diverse background in community management at various startup companies ranging from tech to boutique fitness to jewelry lends to my mindset of understanding and accommodating very diverse needs, acting as a storyteller for each brand.

I've become accomplished with the ins and outs successfully building a community of brand advocates through digital campaigns and influencer marketing. Responsible for execution of projects from start to finish and serving as the key point of contact between influencers, external brands, and the internal team, I am adept at the crucial balancing act & dexterity necessary for successful community management, strong campaigns and an enthusiastic community.

Producing completely a number of online campaigns, photo/video shoots and events, and successfully improving upon existing customer retention and community-building campaigns to foster empowered brand advocates is my source of daily energy.

Community Management